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Zoom In on Fun: Playing Board Games Together!

By Tom Seest

Can You Have Fun Playing Board Games Over Zoom?

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Changing the background of your Zoom meeting can be a fun way to engage attendees and increase participation. The free version allows you to record unlimited meetings, and once the meeting ends, you can start a new one. If you need to keep an audience awake during an important meeting, you can try changing the background to an image that depicts the topic at hand.
Many of the popular board games can be played online with Zoom. The service is very easy to use and connects people from different locations and devices. All participants simply need to connect through the link that’s provided. Then, they can start playing the game. It is the perfect way to bond with colleagues and create new relationships.
Another popular group game is Charades. It’s incredibly easy to play, and the impressions players come up with are hilarious. They can’t actually say what they’re acting out, so they must mime it. The more convincing the players are, the higher their scores. Using this technique, teams can bond as they work together to solve a puzzle.

Can You Have Fun Playing Board Games Over Zoom?

Can You Have Fun Playing Board Games Over Zoom?

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