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Print Out the Classic Board Game ‘Can’t Stop’!

By Tom Seest

Can You Print Out the Can’t Stop Board Game?

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Can’t Stop is a board game with simple components and simple rules. You can play it with just a sheet of paper, four dice, and some markers. To play, players roll four dice and group them into pairs. When a pair lands on the same number, the player advances one space and moves back two spaces.
The game is based on the principles of probability and is similar to Craps. The goal is to reach the end of three different tracks. The player with the highest score in one track moves on to the next. The player who ends up on the final number wins. However, if they go bust, they lose all their progress and must start again at the beginning.
Depending on the version of the game, the rules may differ slightly. If you’re not sure which rules to use, check out the official rules online. These may be in PDF format and can be printed for later use. You’ll be able to share your experience with other players by submitting a review or comment on the game. Your submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.
The Can’t Stop board game was first published by Parker Brothers in 1980. The Parker Brothers version has been out of print for some time, but a new version was released in 2007 by Face 2 Face Games. The game also has an app for iOS.

Can You Print Out the Can't Stop Board Game?

Can You Print Out the Can’t Stop Board Game?

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