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Unlock the Secrets Of Can’t Stop: a Guide to the Rules

By Tom Seest

What Are the Rules Of Can’t Stop Board Game?

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Can’t Stop is a dice game with progressive scoring. Players take turns rolling four dice, placing one pair on their turn marker and one pair in another column. Players may roll again or advance markers already placed by the previous player. To win the game, a player must roll one of three totals on their turn.
One of the key components of this game is a strategy for determining when to stop rolling. This strategy is dependent on the numbers marked on the board, the current turn’s progress, and the probabilities of successful rolls. By knowing the probability of each combination, a player can calculate the ideal stopping point for each roll.
The components and rules of Can’t Stop are easy to understand, and the game can be played with a sheet of paper and four dice. The pictures below show a homemade version of the game. To play, players roll four six-sided dice. Players place their markers on the tracks based on their roll. If they roll the same number twice, they move one space.
Players try to place their runners on three or more of the eleven-number columns as quickly as possible. With each turn, they roll four dice. These dice form pairs and determine which columns they can place their runners in. Rolling the dice for as long as needed can be advantageous, but if the runner cannot move, the player loses everything that they have achieved during the turn.

What Are the Rules Of Can't Stop Board Game?

What Are the Rules Of Can’t Stop Board Game?

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