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Unlock a Zombie-Infested World Of Adventure!

By Tom Seest

What Is The Board Game Zombicide?

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Zombicide is a cooperative adventure board game with a modern zombie theme. It was created by Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot and was launched on Kickstarter. It received more than $780,000 from 5,258 backers. The game is designed to be played with two to five players, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.
The game’s objective is to survive the zombie outbreak while collecting resources to make the world a better place. During the game, players take on the role of one of six survivors who must utilize their skills to battle the zombies. Zombies are predictable and easy to control with a deck of cards. It takes great teamwork to defeat the zombies, and the game can be played by multiple teams or with a single person.
Zombicide is a cooperative game in which players gain experience by killing zombies. This XP is not shared among all players, so players can overpower other players who have better weapons. Zombicide also makes use of a spawn card system that is based on the player with the highest level.
This game is played with a board that represents a zombie-infested town. The tiles are arranged according to the mission you have selected. Each player has the ability to activate or move as long as they meet the objective of the scenario. During each mission, survivors may also gather better items and experience, which they can use to complete their missions.

What Is The Board Game Zombicide?

What Is The Board Game Zombicide?

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