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Design a Board Game In 6 Simple Steps

By Tom Seest

What Steps Are Necessary to Design a Board Game?

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There are many factors to consider when learning how to design a board game. The design process can be a daunting and challenging experience. The first step is to develop the concept of your game. This will serve as the basis for the game and determine its future development. The concept should define the main characteristics and gameplay mechanics of the game. These can include a theme, a collection of items, a roll-and-write mechanism, or a combination of these. Developing the original concept may require you to draw inspiration from other games.
Next, you should consider the complexity of your game. Make sure to consider the age range of your intended players when developing the rules. You should also make sure that your rules are clear, logical, and consistent. A classic board game might be as simple as rolling a dice and moving a game piece, while more complex games will have complex rules and require players to build decks and score points.
If you want to learn how to design a board game, the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design is a great place to start. This 144-page guide explains the ins and outs of board game design and covers everything from storyboarding to prototyping to playtesting.

What Steps Are Necessary to Design a Board Game?

What Steps Are Necessary to Design a Board Game?

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